5 Pre-Launch Marketing Tips For Startups



Pre-Launch Marketing For Startups

Technologies have transformed business community forever. Thousands of people around the world are working day and night on bringing their unique ideas to life. They usually don’t spare any effort to improve their product and build up a powerful team. What they usually lack or don’t spend enough time on is marketing. Meanwhile, a proper pre-launch marketing of your product is vital. In fact, that’s what brings value to all your efforts by creating awareness about them. Successful startup marketing includes both a great product and a perfect pre-launch marketing strategy.

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Key Marketing Strategies From The Startup World

Key Marketing Strategies

We live in a world where marketing can create a tremendous impact on the success of businesses. If you take look at the most successful brands such as Kraft, McDonald’s, and Abbott, you would realise how good they are at marketing. If you are an entrepreneur or if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to learn the effective marketing strategies that startups have followed in order to reach the pinnacle of success within a short period of time. Here is a list of few key marketing strategies from the startup world.

1. Advertise to influence

You don’t need to launch a large-scale advertising campaign, by investing a lot of capital in order to drive your business towards success. You just need to focus on creating a campaign, which can establish credibility for your brand. In addition, you should check whether you are trying to reach your decision makers or influencers. If you are, you will have to fine-tune the advertising campaign accordingly. After you launch the advertising campaign, you will have to measure its success as well. You need to have a clear understanding of the parameters that you are going to use in order to measure the success. Otherwise, you would be spending a lot of money in vain. Continue reading “Key Marketing Strategies From The Startup World”

Social Media Marketing: Setting A Strong Foundation for Your Startup Business

Social Media for Startups

Social media marketing is one of the best and popular strategies if you want to market your startup business and link up with influencers. Social media platforms can definitely get you there!

To a startup, social media is especially valuable because it doesn’t require a lot of input in terms of resources to get it going. That said, there are certain tricks which if followed, can enable you to get the most out of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Knowing the Right Networks to Use

There is a tendency among startups to pick social media networks in which they can comfortably engage without a strategy. The common mistakes committed by startups when it comes to choosing the right social networks are trying to master every single network and secondly, picking a network simply because the competitor is on it.

If all your competitors are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should also adopt these networks. It should be strategy driven and not simply out of imitation.

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Top 3 Startup Hubs To Launch Your Next Startup


Ideal countries for Startup
With the leaping advances in technology, especially in the digital software and SaaS worlds, there are many countries that are now emerging as vibrant startup hubs around the world that might just surprise you.

We at mekobo8 have narrowed down the contenders to a top three of emerging countries we see as being springboards for startups in 2017.

Startup Hub 1: POLAND

Notable City: Warsaw

Population: 38.5 million

Pros: Wealth of new talent to draw on and low overhead costs compared to the rest of Europe.

Cons: There are legal hoops to jump through to start a business.

While there are other places in Europe that might spring to mind before Poland for a strong startup culture, Poland has a surprisingly strong internal market and entrepreneurial history.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has seen several success stories for startups including Estimote, Brainly, and Filmaster. Warsaw is also the main sponsor of the biggest conference for startups in Poland, Bitspiration. Continue reading “Top 3 Startup Hubs To Launch Your Next Startup”

5 Startups You Should Watch in 2017

Marketing for Startups
At meko8, we love startups so we decided to profile our five favourite startups that launched in 2016. We’ll be keeping an eye on these innovative, thoughtful, creative, world-changing startups in the next year to see the cool things they accomplish.


Starry is introducing easy to setup 5GHz WiFi connection for your home. The receiver hangs out of a window of your home like an antenna and then each household will have a ‘Starry Station’ dashboard offering information about the connection, speed, and performance.

Why We Love Starry:
The speed will be so lightning fast that users can download an epic Peter Jackson movie in only a few seconds. Continue reading “5 Startups You Should Watch in 2017”

Why Startups Can’t Escape Professional Marketing

Marketing for Start-ups
No entrepreneur starts a business hoping it will fail, but the hard reality is that 9 out of 10 start-ups will fail. So what does it have to do with marketing?

A product – even a perfect product – with no market is called a hobby. Why? Because “lack of market need for their product” is the single biggest reasons that startups fail. Without a market for the product, there are no customers, and without customers, there is no profit, no revenue, no company. Yikes!

Okay, but so what if you have a perfect product that fills a market need? There’s a myth in the business world that for a business to be successful, it only needs to fill a need. Consider it a “build it and they will come” approach to business. Unfortunately, if no one knows about this wonderful product, no one will buy it.

To sum this up, any startup can succeed when it fulfills two criteria:

  1. They create products or services that people want.
  2. They can find the people that love what they offer.
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