3 Simple and Easy Steps for Writing Well Focused Content

focused content

Have you ever stumbled across a long article that doesn’t seem to get anywhere even by the end of it?

You read it on and on and on… no point found at all!

What was it about? It is the easy part! Content can be written in an interesting and engaging way that you may read all along to understand the overall subject matter.

But, what’s its point? What did it need to say, for which it was written in the first place? That is the most important part! And, the hard part too!

To have a solid point and to get to it quickly is what you need for an effective and focused content strategy. Otherwise, you will be boring and annoying! You don’t want that!

You shouldn’t ever waste your readers’ time and attention even for a second. So, follow these 3 simple and easy steps for writing well focused content. 1…2…3… Continue reading “3 Simple and Easy Steps for Writing Well Focused Content”

The Power of Video Marketing (Statistics Prove It All!)

Video Marketing Stats

Without question, nowadays Video Marketing is taking over Content Marketing with impressive results. Be it in your overall Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy or Social Media Strategy, Video Marketing has got to have its superior place there. Why? Why should you be so confident in that? Well, let the statistics guide you for answering to this question.

Do you see an opportunity in these statistical facts? We hope you do, because there is a big one: Video Marketing. If people actually watch videos, then why not take that as an advantage and use it in marketing strategies, right?

One thing for sure, Video Marketing brings high engagement rates in such scenario, ultimately bringing higher financial rewards. People watch videos (which we already know), thus your video marketing efforts will definitely pay off. Statistical data is ready to prove you that! Continue reading “The Power of Video Marketing (Statistics Prove It All!)”

Types of Visuals to Use in Blog Posts (Top 5 – Most Effective)


Visuals in Blog Posts

No matter what kind of a blog you write, visuals should always be your friend. Visuals are pleasant to your readers’ eyes and they help you keep your audience more interested and engaged with your content. In fact, posts that include visuals produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. As a result, people stay on your page much longer, decreasing that bounce rate that is too essential for your ranking placement in search results.

Now, let’s discover the top 5 most effective types of visuals for you to use right in your next blog post. Believe us, you will see the positive results not long after its implementation. Also, just so you know, 84% of online communications is predicted to be visual by 2018. So, why would you lack behind, right? Right! Now, follow us! Continue reading “Types of Visuals to Use in Blog Posts (Top 5 – Most Effective)”

5 Content Marketing Trends To Be Watched For in 2018

Content is the King” – we are used to saying for years. Without question, the same is applied to content marketing 2018! Moreover, content now is more important than ever. There are hardly a few digital marketing tactics that can stand alone without content. The challenge is to follow all the rapid changes that content marketing goes through and be able to monetize them for the benefits of your business.

On the way of heading to 2018, let’s have a look at content marketing trends that need to be looked out attentively!

Original Content

Yes, originality of your content is still above the fold. Bets are big on trustworthy and consistent content in 2018. We already know that such tech giants as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon plan to invest huge on buying original content from brands and media in the coming year. This means betting on original content is something worth to spend efforts on. Even if you don’t know yet where the original content will exactly stand in your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018, you can already start building it. Believe us, there will definitely be lots of options to monetize trusted content, either from your customers or big corporations. Continue reading “5 Content Marketing Trends To Be Watched For in 2018”