5 Startups You Should Watch in 2017

Marketing for Startups
At meko8, we love startups so we decided to profile our five favourite startups that launched in 2016. We’ll be keeping an eye on these innovative, thoughtful, creative, world-changing startups in the next year to see the cool things they accomplish.


Starry is introducing easy to setup 5GHz WiFi connection for your home. The receiver hangs out of a window of your home like an antenna and then each household will have a ‘Starry Station’ dashboard offering information about the connection, speed, and performance.

Why We Love Starry:
The speed will be so lightning fast that users can download an epic Peter Jackson movie in only a few seconds.


Jiobit is committed to making an ‘invisible’ wearable for children that will fill discretely into their clothing so that parents can track and monitor their children from their smartphones. Jiobit will offer instant push notifications if a child goes somewhere he or she is not supposed to.

Why We Love Jiobit:
The peace of mind it’ll offer parents!


Grail is developing a blood test for earlier detection of any kind of cancer than is currently possible. The science breakdown is that Grail will measure circulating nucleic acids – that is, DNA that is outside of blood cells – which is an early marker for cancer.

Why We Love Grail: Countless. Lives. Saved.


Former Google, Apple, and Tesla employees have teamed up to create a kit that can turn any truck built at 2013 into a smart driverless truck. While Otto startup is targeted toward the U.S. market at the moment, we can imagine Otto eventually expanding into the Australian market, which also heavily relies on trucking.

Why We Love Otto: Autonomous fleets will make roads safer.


There are a lot of companies talking about the innovative use of drones all around the world, but this one is our favourite. The Zipline team has built a drone that can deliver up to three pounds of blood, vaccines, or medicine to remote Rwandan towns that lack adequate access to medical supplies. 

Why We Love Zipline:
Pregnant women and children are especially vulnerable in these areas and Zipline can offer life-saving medicine and blood.

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