5 Pre-Launch Marketing Tips For Startups



Pre-Launch Marketing For Startups

Technologies have transformed business community forever. Thousands of people around the world are working day and night on bringing their unique ideas to life. They usually don’t spare any effort to improve their product and build up a powerful team. What they usually lack or don’t spend enough time on is marketing. Meanwhile, a proper pre-launch marketing of your product is vital. In fact, that’s what brings value to all your efforts by creating awareness about them. Successful startup marketing includes both a great product and a perfect pre-launch marketing strategy.

Here are some pre-launch growth hacking tips for startups that will definitely increase your visibility and set a good base for future success. Continue reading “5 Pre-Launch Marketing Tips For Startups”

6 Free Social Media Management Tools You Should Start Using


Free Social Media Management tools

You are running a small business and are considered about your social media presence. Indeed, this is a common concern. Free Social Media Management Tools can be a true asset for startups!

Today the pace of social media trends makes it even more confusing for small business owners to know their way around the net. It doesn’t only include allocating budget for social media ads but also time and resources to keep up consistent work for reaching guaranteed results. We know how tight the budget can sometimes be, and at the same time how strong the need is to push the business forward.
So, we have decided to introduce you the most popular free Social Media Management Software. These are tools that must be there at your helping desk, at no cost. Continue reading “6 Free Social Media Management Tools You Should Start Using”

5 Crucial Marketing Tips for Startups

If you are a small startup with a tight budget, you have one chance to do it right. And the right path is planning your marketing strategy. Everybody knows that bringing success to a startup is a hard work, really hard. And if you are not a marketer it will be harder to consider all nuances for promoting your business. But no worries. We will go through all essential steps to cover you on developing your startup with some useful marketing tips.

Sell a benefit and mark your USP

It is important to position your product or service with the angle of customer’s benefit. How your product or service will help your customers? How will you improve your customer’s life? These are the questions you need to focus on. Of course, it is essential that your product has a low price, excellent quality. But the first thing you need to focus on is the benefit you will bring to your customer. Position yourself as a brand which offers the best benefit. Besides, it is crucial for your business to identify what quality parts you from your competitors in the market. Make analysis and in-depth research, let your customers know what is so unique about your business. Finding this Unique Selling Point (USP) is one of the first steps you want to take. Continue reading “5 Crucial Marketing Tips for Startups”

Top 3 Startup Hubs To Launch Your Next Startup


Ideal countries for Startup
With the leaping advances in technology, especially in the digital software and SaaS worlds, there are many countries that are now emerging as vibrant startup hubs around the world that might just surprise you.

We at mekobo8 have narrowed down the contenders to a top three of emerging countries we see as being springboards for startups in 2017.

Startup Hub 1: POLAND

Notable City: Warsaw

Population: 38.5 million

Pros: Wealth of new talent to draw on and low overhead costs compared to the rest of Europe.

Cons: There are legal hoops to jump through to start a business.

While there are other places in Europe that might spring to mind before Poland for a strong startup culture, Poland has a surprisingly strong internal market and entrepreneurial history.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has seen several success stories for startups including Estimote, Brainly, and Filmaster. Warsaw is also the main sponsor of the biggest conference for startups in Poland, Bitspiration. Continue reading “Top 3 Startup Hubs To Launch Your Next Startup”

5 Startups You Should Watch in 2017

Marketing for Startups
At meko8, we love startups so we decided to profile our five favourite startups that launched in 2016. We’ll be keeping an eye on these innovative, thoughtful, creative, world-changing startups in the next year to see the cool things they accomplish.


Starry is introducing easy to setup 5GHz WiFi connection for your home. The receiver hangs out of a window of your home like an antenna and then each household will have a ‘Starry Station’ dashboard offering information about the connection, speed, and performance.

Why We Love Starry:
The speed will be so lightning fast that users can download an epic Peter Jackson movie in only a few seconds. Continue reading “5 Startups You Should Watch in 2017”