5 Ways to Optimize Social Media Content for Search Engines

optimize social media content for search engines

To set the record straight, your social media presence has a significant influence on your search engine rankings. Social media is a major player nowadays in the online world, and no one can deny it!

Now, the question remains in how you should optimize social media content for search engines to gain greater visibility.

Well, we have got you covered here! Learn the golden 5 ways you can optimize social media content for search engines. Don’t forget to pay close attention!

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Best Free Social Media Management Tools for 2018

free social media management tools

Nowadays, Social Media Marketing is not there as an option for your emerging business, it is a must.

You have read it right – It is a must! Not keeping up with the latest trends in your consumers’ preferences and not being able to meet them where they spend most of their time would be a big failure for your business. And, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Well, luckily you don’t even need too big of a budget to successfully manage your social media marketing efforts. There are lots of free tools out there that come in handy with any of your marketing goals. Aha!

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4 Easy Steps for Creating Highly Targeted Facebook Ads to Increase Facebook Likes

increase Facebook likes

Have you ever tried Facebook Ads for the purpose of driving traffic to your website?

If yes, then you know how less pricey and more cost-effective it is. If not, then it is time for you to give it a try. Seriously!

To increase their ROIs, more and more marketers now rely on highly targeted paid Facebook Ads for driving traffic rather than spending vast amount of money on attracting organic traffic. It is a fact!

Getting back to our main topic…What about using Facebook Ads to increase Facebook likes?

Here, again, one of the keys is in creating HIGHLY TARGETED ads. But, how?

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Top 3 Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch in 2018

Influencer Marketing

Indeed, Influencer Marketing was mainstream in 2017. Brands reached mass amounts of online success thanks to their efforts of online advertising with influencers.

What good does Influencer Marketing bring? Marketers have a say here!

  • 73% of marketers swear by its effectiveness for lead generation.
  • 76% of marketers say it boosts customer loyalty.
  • 93% of marketers say it helps to build brand awareness.

What an effective Marketing strategy to use, huh? Well, Influencer Marketing is here to stay in 2018 as well, so you definitely should not miss the opportunity to reap all the benefits it can bring to your brand.

But how? How can you really make the most out of Influencer Marketing in 2018?

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3 Keys to Great Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Without question, Social Media is a powerful tool nowadays for maintaining a good customer-brand connection. Customers spend most of their time on Social Media, while also seeking for interactions with brands on social platforms.

Statistics show that 90% of Social Media users have used Social Media to communicate with a brand. And, 63% of customers expect companies to offer Social Media Customer Service.

What else to say here? Brands have got to listen to their customers’ wants and needs, don’t they? So, here we are to tell you 3 keys that brands should use in providing a great Social Media Customer Service. Let’s get to them now! Continue reading “3 Keys to Great Social Media Customer Service”

Messaging-Based Customer Care Takes Over

Messaging Apps

Hearing from your customers is a vital opportunity that every business should embrace. Most professionals predict 2018 to lay a foundation for the era of chatbots and instant messaging with customers. Yes, social media tends to develop into more of a person-to-person communication, and we all can feel that.

Statistics prove that people spend significantly more time on messaging apps than on their social media feeds, messaging apps already win over social networks by their monthly active users’ numbers – and this should be an alarm for businesses. More than 60 billion messages are being sent through Messenger and WhatsApp every day. This is the place where your customers hang out. A huge wave of digital ads and messaging-based customer care is going to attack messaging apps soon. Thus, it’s better to be armed and prepared when it takes over!

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6 Free Social Media Management Tools You Should Start Using


Free Social Media Management tools

You are running a small business and are considered about your social media presence. Indeed, this is a common concern. Free Social Media Management Tools can be a true asset for startups!

Today the pace of social media trends makes it even more confusing for small business owners to know their way around the net. It doesn’t only include allocating budget for social media ads but also time and resources to keep up consistent work for reaching guaranteed results. We know how tight the budget can sometimes be, and at the same time how strong the need is to push the business forward.
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Social Media Marketing: Setting A Strong Foundation for Your Startup Business

Social Media for Startups

Social media marketing is one of the best and popular strategies if you want to market your startup business and link up with influencers. Social media platforms can definitely get you there!

To a startup, social media is especially valuable because it doesn’t require a lot of input in terms of resources to get it going. That said, there are certain tricks which if followed, can enable you to get the most out of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Knowing the Right Networks to Use

There is a tendency among startups to pick social media networks in which they can comfortably engage without a strategy. The common mistakes committed by startups when it comes to choosing the right social networks are trying to master every single network and secondly, picking a network simply because the competitor is on it.

If all your competitors are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should also adopt these networks. It should be strategy driven and not simply out of imitation.

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