5 Ways to Optimize Social Media Content for Search Engines

optimize social media content for search engines

To set the record straight, your social media presence has a significant influence on your search engine rankings. Social media is a major player nowadays in the online world, and no one can deny it!

Now, the question remains in how you should optimize social media content for search engines to gain greater visibility.

Well, we have got you covered here! Learn the golden 5 ways you can optimize social media content for search engines. Don’t forget to pay close attention!

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4 Simple Strategies To Get More Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

Link building is difficult, we don’t argue with that! And, let’s agree on the fact how important it is nowadays for a successful SEO strategy! Right?

Quality backlinks are considered the cornerstone of SEO. No matter on what proficient level your on-page or other SEO strategy is, if you don’t have quality backlinks, you simply won’t rank that high!

Why? Because quality backlinks from authoritative websites give Google a signal that you have quality content and that you are an authority in your industry yourself. Simple!

Thus, many and many organizations work hard on acquiring quality backlinks for their websites, to better their chances of gaining higher ranking and visibility in SERPs.

There are very many link building strategies, tricks and tactics out there! But, here we are to tell you the 4 simple strategies that work amazingly for getting more quality backlinks. Are you with us? Continue reading “4 Simple Strategies To Get More Quality Backlinks”

Top 3 SEO Basics – The Most Important Ranking Factors!

SEO Basics

We all know, or at least imagine how complicated SEO is.

All those white hat, black hat or whatever shade of hat techniques and constant algorithm updates make SEO a very scary field of Marketing. Every business owner, blogger and marketer who is not an expert in the SEO field will agree, won’t they?

Well, let’s face it! SEO can be pretty complicated and scary for anyone who doesn’t know much about it. But, hey! Don’t get disappointed or let down! We have prepared the 3 SEO basics you should master without being an SEO master, which will definitely put your SEO efforts to a whole new level of efficiency. Learn them now! Continue reading “Top 3 SEO Basics – The Most Important Ranking Factors!”

5 Major Tips for SEO Friendly URLs


SEO Friendly URLs

URLs, definitely, are an integral part of the overall impression your users and Google get from your website. You would want to make it a great one, right? You better!

Thus, planning ahead and ensuring maximum efforts in creating those SEO friendly URLs should be a must for you. To avoid endless redirect loops!

So, hop on, as we are going to tell you the 5 major tips for creating SEO friendly URLs. While these tips are not the absolute-strict-rules for ranking high in search engines, they are more of rules to follow to get the most out of URLs and better the chances of future SEO success. Alright, alright! Let’s cut to the chase. Continue reading “5 Major Tips for SEO Friendly URLs”

Top 3 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses (2018)

Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Do you own a local small business that you want to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs)?  You have come to the right place! As, online users make 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, there is a crucial need for your business to be locally optimized for search engines to gain maximum local visibility. And, as general SEO differs from Local SEO, some tips specifically efficient for Local SEO will be of great value to your small business’ online success. So, we have crafted the list of top 3, the simplest and most essential Local SEO tips just for you, to maximize your business’ online outreach in 2018. Let’s get to them now! Continue reading “Top 3 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses (2018)”

5 SEO Trends in 2018

Planning ahead is the best SEO strategy you can have. It’s time to start thinking and taking care of your website ranking now.  The several SEO trends will smoothly shift from 2017  to 2018 adding more spices to the search engine world. So, what are the most important SEO trends in 2018? Let’s discover now!

Voice Search

More and more mobile users are searching in web simply speaking to their phones rather than typing search queries. According to Google one of the five searches is made via voice command. This means you have no option here: you need to adjust your keywords to voice search. Use more long tail search keywords and natural language closer to a conversational tone.  For example, “best marketing agency in Sydney” should be replaced with “Which is the best marketing agency in Sydney?”. 

Mobile Optimization

Being mobile friendly is not an option anymore. It’s a must. And it is important to know that Google will not award you for optimizing your website for mobile devices. Google is just dropping down the websites that are not mobile friendly. In fact, since 2015, mobile searches on Google’s SERPs have been higher than searches from a desktop. Mobile first index will be probably deployed in 2018, even if not businesses should pay much more attention to their mobile performance today not to lose time when everybody else will be mobile optimized. Mobile search is all about context. And as SEO is going more local, businesses have a better chance to attract customers at a local context. 
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